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Meet the family behind Maison Gai Saber. 

Francine-Y Prévost
︎ Founder, Director

Poète-calligraphe. Née à Leigné.

Alain Prévost
︎ Maitre-d'oeuvre

Né et vit à Usseau.

Horst Hutter
︎ Founder

Born in exile. Teacher and author of Shaping the Future and Nietzsche's Therapeutic Teaching. Sculpting words from an examined life. Hanging out in Berkeley in 1968.

Harald Hutter
︎ Founder

Born in Montreal, lives in Paris. He is an avid filmmaker, moviegoer, gourmet and flâneur.

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Ariel & Myrtille
︎ Résidents permanents


Florian Hutter
︎ Founder, Building Co-ord

Born in Montreal, lives in Paris. Actor and producer currently residing in Paris.

︎ Résident permanent 


Jan Gilbert
︎ Artistic Director

New Orleans artist. Resident and advisor to Maison Gai Saber.

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Lucy Maria
︎ Design, Web

Visual artist based in London.

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