The Maison Gai Saber Symposium has been held annually together with the Nietzsche Circle of New York City ︎︎︎ since 2014. The Symposium brings together local and international speakers from diverse backgrounds including philosophy, social sciences, academia and the arts. Each year, the topic responds to current concerns and issues and is developed in close collaboration with the participants.

A three-day festival of arts, literature, poetry, music and philosophy. Informal gatherings, reading of books and discussions. Workshops, dance classes, performances and concerts. Visits to sights of cultural and historical significance of this region under the guidance of experts.


2019: Walking Open Spaces: Peripateticism in the 21st Century ︎ 2018: The Implications and Meanings of Failure ︎ 2017: Myth vs. History: A Muti-Disciplinary Approach ︎ 2016: L’amitié de Platon à Nietzche ︎ 2015: Eros et Erotisme. Cartes du Tendre en Amitié, Amour, Désir ︎ 2014: Nietzsche and the Troubadours