To explore works of art, literature, music, poetry, and philosophy in a communal, cosmopolitan spirit within the context of contemporary issues. To this end the Maison will bring together artists, poets, musicians, writers, and thinkers on specific themes.


Gai Saber is a cultural movement that was initiated by the poets, the troubadours of the Occitan during the High Middle Ages; this was a movement that brought different arts together, revitalized cultural re-creation, and played a significant role in the rise of modernity. Subsequently it influenced many generations of poets and thinkers from Dante to Emerson, without being fully acknowledged in the mainstream culture. And centuries after the last troubadour, the gai saber was made famous by Friedrich Nietzsche in his book, Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft, within the context of nineteenth century Europe.


Inspired by this poetic movement and concerned with current times, the Maison Gai Saber intends to spark artistic and philosophical re-creation by bringing together artists and thinkers from different interests and backgrounds. 


Physical: a main building, a café, art studios, library, ballroom and winery.
Conceptual: building of an archive about the region and the work at Maison and establishing a network of exchange and access to existing global networks of creative thought∕activism.